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Review : Lady Grey’s

HEAVY WATER TECHNO VODKA A multi-award-winning, robust, balanced, refined vodka distilled from Scandinavian winter wheat and water from a subterranean lake formed

Review : Metropolitan Report

EXTREMELY FINE PRODUCT Heavy Water Vodka, a fairly new contender in the US premium liquor market, has already received five international medals

Review : Canberra Martini

EXCELLENTLY PRODUCED SPIRIT It’s named to honour the WWII Norwegian resistance heroes who sabotaged the Nazi efforts to make the atomic bomb,

Review : Australian Bartender

GOLD MEDAL WINNING VODKA New to the country is this good lookin’ Scandinavian vodka: Heavy Water. It is named for a group

Review : Spirits Review

GOOD BACKBONE OF TASTE Excellent martini that stands up to an olive or twist. Great all around for all the drinks we

Heavy & Cheap Trick

Another Heavy moment captured when WORLD FAMOUS rock band Cheap Trick got hold of some Heavy Water!

Review :

Review of the award winning ultra premium vodka… THE WORLD’S ONLY AERATED VODKA Heavy Water is a handcrafted, higher definition of vodka.